Урока: I этап «The island of letters and words»

V этап Who is very attentive?

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V этап Who is very attentive?

Учитель зачитывает определения различных слов, например по теме «Дом Квартира» Каждый раз учитель представляет детям по2 определения слов, которые записаны на доске по парам.Ученики должны внимательно прослушать тексты и поднять таблички в той последовательности, в которой зачитал учитель. За каждый правильный ответ ученик получает одно очко

Запись на доске:

А. 1. a wardrobe

2. a lamp

В 1. curtains

2. a cooker

  1. 1. a sink

2. a mirror

    1. 1. an armchair

2. a car

Е 1. a flat

2. a garden
Примерные рассказы:

      1. It is a thing that helps us to read when it is dark in the room

It is a thing where we keep our clothes

      1. They are things which are usually on the windows and make the room lovely

It is a thing in the kitchen to cook our food

      1. It is a thing in the kitchen where we can wash up

It is a thing that we can see our faces in

D) It is a thing we usually travel by. It is a thing where we can sit and read before the fire

E) It is a place we can live. It is a place where flowers and fruit trees can grow

1 )It is blue by night

By day it is white

It is cold and not dry

It falls just from the sky


        1. A little old woman with 12 children, some short, some long, some cold, some hot.

What is she? (A year)

        1. What goes up when the rain comes down? ( an umbrella )

        2. This animal can go without food and water for a long time (A camel)

        3. A very funny animal which moves very quickly. It can hang by its tail (A monkey )

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